Here at Chughtai Lab, we want our patients to be as informed about the procedures we perform and their outcomes. Here’s one way you can stay informed about your medical care; ask yourself whether it’s time to have your tonsils removed or not.

How tonsillitis affects people

For many people, tonsillitis is nothing more than an unpleasant experience. A few days in bed recovering from aches and fever, it’s over. But for some people with shallow immune systems, tonsillitis can lead to rheumatic fever, infective endocarditis, and even death. 

A new study by Essa Lab researchers suggests patients consider having their tonsils removed if they repeatedly experience severe bouts of tonsillitis.

How these effects may help you

The latest study on rats and mice from researchers in Pakistan revealed that chitosan might also be able to stop tumors from spreading and protect healthy cells. 

But other studies on animals show that it can boost your immunity, lower cholesterol levels, relieve chronic pain and fight stress. Contact us now! At Chughtai Labs in Lahore, you can undergo a tonsillectomy today to improve your quality of life.

The long term effects of removing your tonsils

While tonsillectomy has a reputation for being one of those procedures that can perform on a whim, we should still consider some crucial long-term effects. If you’re wondering whether or not it might be a good idea to have your tonsils removed, make sure you weigh all possible outcomes before deciding. One of these side effects could save your life, and it has nothing to do with your tonsils. Click here to learn more about our online lab test services.

The risks of removing your tonsils

It’s essential to weigh your options before deciding whether or not to have your tonsils removed. Generally, doctors recommend removing them if you suffer from chronic sinus infections, sleep apnea, and frequent sore throats. 

These factors may indicate that your tonsils are inflamed or infected. However, other factors may also contribute to these problems and should be investigated further by a doctor who can give you a proper diagnosis of what’s causing your symptoms.

When should you consider having your tonsils removed?

As long as your tonsils aren’t causing any problems or symptoms, you might be tempted to let them alone. After all, many people (myself included) have had their tonsils removed without any issues and are perfectly fine. However, there is much information available today about big data and how it has changed business over time. 

If you are considering getting your tonsils removed, it may be worthwhile to look into having them removed at Essa Labs in Lahore; they have a new laboratory where patients can get lab tests done for free with no registration fees.

How much does it cost to have your tonsils removed?

The cost of having your tonsils removed depends on several factors. For example, if you have to go to a hospital and have an operation, it could cost between 2000-5000. If you don’t need to go to a hospital that could mean having an outpatient procedure (surgery performed in a doctor’s office). 

Insurance covers most or all of the costs for many patients with health insurance and for some who are uninsured but meet specific income requirements. To learn more about financing options, you can contact Chughtai lab Lahore.