As you know, Amazon is a large retail platform famous for selling millions of products online. But only selling the products on Amazon does not mean that Amazon has also fulfilled your orders correctly. 

While there are a lot of benefits of choosing the amazon fulfillment option, and if you want to know about these facts, you have to read the entire article. 

Let’s start with the basics by telling you the exact meaning of the Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant. 

What do you mean by the Amazon Fulfilled by the merchant?

Fulfilled by the merchants on Amazon has the same as it sounds. It is considered the fulfillment option where only merchants are responsible for the packing, picking, and shipping the orders to the customer directly. Merchants can fulfill their customer orders alone, or some outsource the additional fulfillment to a third party. 

Order fulfillment, returns, inventory storage, and customer services are all responsibilities that are in the hand of the merchant only. They will provide you with many options and control over the fulfillment process. Further, we will discuss some things you need to understand while choosing the FBM. 

Basics of the Amazon Fulfillment by the merchant

All the following points are the basic information about Amazon fulfillment by the merchant. You have to read all the points to get complete information. 

  • A choice of who will become your partner.

One of the major facts or benefits that you should know about the FBM is that you do not need to do all fulfillment. FBM means that you are only responsible for ensuring the orders delivers to where it is required. No matter, whether the amazon merchant fulfills the orders in the house or as a third party. 

In this way, you are more focused on the fulfillment company and control it so that it definitely meets your requirements. 

  • Must have the fast shipping times

Fast shipping times are the major factors that you should keep in your mind if you are going to decide on the Amazon fulfillment company. It is crucial to adjust the handling and shipping times to set accurate expectations. 

  • Best for the multi-channel strategies

By choosing the Amazon FBM,  you should be considered the shipping terms and operations that make the inventory operations simpler. Having one order from the fulfillment company, you are able to fulfill every order and save your money and time when you are selling Amazon products on the multi-channels. 

  • Fewer rules, more stability, and fewer penalties

There are frequent changes made in the fees and the requirements of the Amazon FBM that are not liked by many of the Amazon sellers. So you have to choose the FBM that has fewer rules and penalties and gives more stability. 


This article will delivers you all the basic as well as important information related to the Amazon fulfillments by projects. From the above facts, FBM is concluded as a great option. Access to the right fulfillment partners will definitely help you to grow your business.