Civil engineering online courses are there to make you the best version of yourself as a civil engineer. Getting to do a quality course will give you the right outcome for getting to work with the right companies. That is how you will be able to distinguish what is right for you and what is not right for you. For example, civil engineers in today’s time will use the latest software to get things done faster, and it will be an autonomous process. But the civil engineers who have good experience will start to work with project management softwares.  

There is a list of softwares created and used largely in the construction industry and other industries. So if you are currently studying or planning to take up civil engineering, then the below software is your absolute choice for one to take up for learning. Online civil engineering software courses help professionals become a better version of themselves by learning this important softwares. 

Here are the softwares to learn and are as follows: 

Autocad: It is one of the best and most widely used software for designing in the engineering field. Its a computer-based software to help create drawings and edit as and when needed. There are some advantages of using this software, and they are as follows: 

  •  Helpful in 3D modelling and visualising
  • The software is integrated with cloud computing.
  • Support for a different format for exporting the file
  • Dimensioning in a smart way
  • Photorealistically rendering 

The above features make this software a wonderful choice for learning by any civil engineer. There are several benefits to helping civil engineers. 

  1. Easily accessible: The best thing about this software is easily available and affordable. The user can choose from a monthly, annual and three-year subscription, and there is also an option for students and educators to get a free yearly licence. There are a good number of Civil engineering online courses easily available. 
  2. Friendly use: The software’s user interface is easy to access and friendly for everyone. Any student knowing how to create a draft can use this software to get the right outcome. 
  3. Easy for collaboration: The software is designed so that professionals across industries can use it for designing the project, and it is very useful for collaborations between various fields. 

The company that created this software is Autodesk, and it has also developed the most advanced civil engineering software called civil 3D software. Autocad is a great software for creating drafts. Civil 3D software goes in-depth for working on projects that deal with various surfaces and profiles. 

Primavera: It is very useful software for project managers, and the best thing is that any civil engineer can use it. It is the one software tool to check projects for tracking and getting the compliance right for the project. 

The advanced version of this software is a little difficult to comprehend. It is advisable to complete a training course before planning to work on this software. The best thing is that the software is efficient enough to handle any project and any size for any industry. Using the programmes for the best use can help improve efficiency and protect you from overshooting the deadlines set for the project. 

Some of the best features include: 

Able to handle many devices: The best part of this software is using the primavera software on your tablet or mobile phone. Also, you can use this software on the project site. 

Accurate reporting: You will get the exact update of how far the project has progressed and focused on assessing how your team is performing. 

Capacity to take risks: The platform is great for identifying and resolving any risk the project could have. 

Many user usabilities:  Many different teams can participate in the project simultaneously. All the work is visible to the manager of the project. 

Set a benchmark: It helps in working and streamlining the process and doing the best line of work across all active projects. 

Getting to use primavera is a very expensive option to choose from the list, but its a great investment for improving the productivity on the construction sites. 

Microsoft Excel: It is one of the oldest and the most used softwares in civil engineering. Many functions are present in excel and are used by civil engineers in today’s time. It is the best software for doing a good amount of calculations for a huge data set. Online civil engineering software courses are proficient enough to make professionals understand the use of excel. Some of the features are as follows:

  1. Storing capacity: The capacity to hold huge sums of data in the excel sheet is immense, and you have the option to store different forms of data in different excel sheets. 
  2. Calculations: Excel is the best software for repeatedly doing calculations, and there is a need for very few operations. 
  3. Use of templates: The templates are the best place for storing and entering relevant information, and there is no need to do any formatting. That is why it makes excel an excellent application for handling project management.  

          The most important thing is that to know that to perform well in the civil engineering field, professionals need to know the excel software well to get the results. There are many courses available online for anyone to start learning excel to improve their skills of excel. 


Civil engineering online courses are a great source of knowledge for any professional wanting to make a difference in their lives. Many software programmes have great demand in the engineering space. This software plays a big role for professionals to get the work done faster and in no time. Without the help of this software, the work will become manual and will become a time consuming process for everyone, and many projects will miss the deadline of the projects. It is very important to learn this software for your growth and better prospects in the engineering field.