Advantage And Disadvantage Of Permanent Eyeliner Tattooing

Achieving the perfect eyeliner is one of the complex tasks. That’s why women are looking for a semi-permanent procedure to save time in applying eyeliner every day in the morning. 

Eyeliner tattoo is permanent and is done by professionals. The pigment used in eyeliner tattooing is different from the normal tattoo. It can be applied on the lash line to create fine, thick and medium eyeliner strokes. The aim of this procedure is to replace the daily use of eyeliner. As per the research, many actresses and beauty bloggers are comfortable with this procedure because it gives the best result in a few hours.  Many clinics offer eyeliner tattoo services but MaiLash offers the best eyeliner tattoo service at eyeliner tattoo Scottsdale. Get back to our main point. Eyeliner tattoos have many benefits. Here we have listed the benefits of eyeliner tattoos. 

Advantage Of Permanent Eyeliner Tattooing

Below, we have mentioned the advantage of permanent eyeliner tattooing. 

Enhance The Shape Of The Eye

Eyeliner tattooing frames the eyes and makes the eyelashes fuller and thicker. It also enhances the shape of your eyes by creating the illusion of larger eyes. Also, it can intensify the eye colour and make your eye look bigger and alluring. 

It is The Long-Lasting Solution

It is one of the best benefits of eyeliner tattooing. It recreates the look of wearing the makeup permanently. The pigment is injected into the skin not applied on the surface of the skin. It can’t be ruined and smudged off if you are going swimming. So, bye-bye to panda eyes!

Permanent eyeliner tattooing can last for 18 to 24 months without the need for touch ups. You need an appointment and refresh it once in a while. 

It Will Saves Your Time

Anyone who applies eyeliner every morning knows the hard work done by them. If you get permanent eyeliner tattooing, you will never get the trauma of applying the eyeliner every day in the morning. By permanent eyeliner tattooing, you will get a wing and permanent eyeliner on your eyes. Just imagine saving lots of time by applying perfect eyeliner regularly in the morning. 

It Comes In Many Styles

Permanent eyeliner tattooing is versatile and it can be recreated when you apply regular makeup. 

There are many styles of permanent eyeliner tattooing. 

  • Eyelash Enhancement

Eyelash enhancement is also called the most suitable permanent eyeliner style. This style darkens your lash line. Plus, it gives the illusion of thicker and dark lashes. 

  • Classic Eyeliner

Classic eyeliner starts from whatever point of the eyelid you want and is dragged out in the wing form of customizable length. 

  • Shaded Eyeliner

Shaded eyeliner is the queen of the eyeliner look. This style is applied as a shaded eyeliner and blended to resemble an eyeliner and eyeshadow combo. 

  • Lower Lid Eyeliner

You can apply permanent eyeliner even in the lower lash line to enhance the look of the eyes. Keep one thing in mind: upper and lower eyeliner are not connected. 

It Will Fade Eventually

Disadvantages Of Permanent Eyeliner Tattooing

Below, we have mentioned the disadvantage of permanent eyeliner tattooing. 

It Will Fade eventually

The cons of permanent eyeliner tattooing are that it will fade over time. As we get older our skin changes and it loses elasticity. Also, fine lines and wrinkles start appearing. 

Pigments Can Sometimes Migrate

Pigment migration happens with the permanent eyeliner tattooing. This is because the skin of the eyelids is thin and pigment starts to disappear. 

Treatment And Recovery Can Be Uncomfortable

During the permanent eyeliner tattooing, the technician applies anaesthetic cream to numb the target area so you can feel less pain. A small needle is injected into the skin which can cause discomfort. You feel pressure around your eyes. Also, you can feel uncomfortable without injecting the needle. 

The discomfort doesn’t stop here, you might feel tenderness and swelling all day around your eyes. And you have to go through the eyeliner tattooing healing process. It requires an aftercare routine if you are getting permanent eyeliner tattooing. 

It Is Not Easy To Remove

Did you know permanent eyeliner fades away after two-three years? But sometimes you don’t wait for long to get rid of them. Your permanent eyeliner can be smudged if the pigment migrates. It is partially removable. 

Sometimes permanent eyeliner cant fade, you have to remove it. Permanent eyeliner tattooing can be done quickly, you have to do any one of them from the following option mentioned below. 

  • Laser
  • Saline
  • Glycolic acid removal

It will need 8-10 sessions for complete removal with 6 weeks of recovery. 

Makeup Trend Change Quickly

In the world of beauty, trends change frequently. So if you get a more dramatic permanent eyeliner that is in trend at that time, it could go out of style within a few months. 

This is the list of some pros and cons of permanent eyeliner tattooing. Before getting this treatment, consult with your dermatologist.