The CBSE board conducts the Class 10 exam in February/March every year. The exam is held at the national level to help students analyse their abilities to compete among their peers. The marks obtained in Class 10 will help them choose the best career according to their field of interest. It will be possible only by adopting the perfect preparation strategy and study plan.

When it comes to board exams, stress level increases in the minds of students. To have a peaceful time before the date sheet is released, students must invest their time in regular studies from the beginning of the academic year. Students have to attend classroom lectures and try to clarify their doubts daily. If doubts are not explained, there are higher chances of losing interest in that subject. The CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 Maths can be downloaded from the board’s official website while preparing their study plan. 

For any board exam, syllabi and question papers are very important. These two materials must be focused on from the beginning to the end of the academic year. The main reason behind this is students get an idea of the importance of a particular subject from the syllabus, and the concepts of priority can be understood using the question papers. If thoroughly understood, there are high chances of scoring good marks in the board exam. 

Strategies for CBSE Class 10 Exam Preparation

1. Familiarise Yourself with the Exam Syllabus

Students should have a good understanding of the latest syllabus of the board. If students are thorough with the syllabus, they can analyse the crucial concepts from the exam point of view. The marking scheme gives students an idea of the concepts to focus on first. It will help students prepare accordingly and ace well in their final exams.

2. Prepare a Time Table

As the board exam of Class 10 is very important in a student’s life, a proper plan of action should be followed. It will help students discover the weak concepts at which they are not strong and work on them for better academic performance. Students are advised to prepare a timetable covering all the subjects with equal time distribution.

3. Practise previous years’ question papers

The essential study tool for the board exam is the question papers. Students can understand the exam pattern and mark distribution by solving the questions regularly. It will help them find out the frequently asked questions and provide them with a complete knowledge of the crucial concepts.

4. Take Sufficient Breaks

There will be a lot of stress regarding the CBSE board exam preparation. The only way to overcome the anxiety is by resting well and taking as many breaks as possible between subjects. If students try to burden themselves with their studies the entire day, it might increase their fear of the exams. The best way to avoid this is by doing their favourite activities such as drawing, painting, listening to music, sleeping, etc.

5. Write Down Important Formulas

In subjects like Maths and Science, formulas and diagrams are essential. If a student is thorough with these, there are high chances of good marks in the final exam. Students are recommended to make a list of formulas and concepts to get all the information vital for the exam. 

By following these strategies, students can face their exams fearlessly. Apart from these tips, students must rest and eat healthily. The CBSE Class 10 Science Syllabus is available in PDF format for students’ access. They can refer to the syllabus PDF to understand the chapters with high marks from the exam point of view.